Know the Current Trends in Custom Kitchens Renovations

Wondering how to renovate the kitchen? It’s important to know the latest trends so that your heart of home looks trendy and stunning.

Kitchen renovation can be a creative project and very interesting, and you can easily do it. But where do you start? There are lot of things you have to take into account like the flooring, counter-tops, cabinets, sinks, walls, lighting, appliances, etc. But, the most crucial thing is to know what are the latest trends to get those custom kitchens in Wollongong.

custom kitchens Wollongong

custom kitchens Wollongong

Following are some trends you should consider when undergoing a makeover:-

  • Open Shelving – To get a more decorative and trendy look, you can keep the shelves open. Today, a lot of people are liking the concept of open kitchen and open shelving as it is both attractive and functional. You just have to keep them clean and place some colorful dishes that show off your personality. Adding some color pops will give it an amazing look and feel.

  • Keep it Eco-Friendly – Whatever products your choose, make it a point that they are Eco-friendly as there’s nothing as good as an environment friendly kitchen. There current trends goes with placing those appliances and cabinets that emit low volatile organic compounds levels, and the installation of LED lights. It help reduce air pollution and save energy.

  • Regular Island Height – A standard island height remains always in trends and gone are the days for bulky and mismanaged raised bars. Height consistency allows for a more multi-functional and practical centerpiece for your kitchen. Choose the design that best suits the space and functionality. You can do experiments with the design and get them customized according to your own requirement.

  • Enough Pantry Space – A multi-functional pantry area helps you keep the place crystal clean and the most important – hygienic. A lot is happening in your home; laundry, storage, gardening, etc and these things should be kept in a separate area but adjacent to the kitchen. This is a popular trends in many countries and help you closes the mess together.

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations should be a smart investment as it delivers you better storage, enhanced beauty and higher resale value.

It’s time to get a brand new custom kitchen!!!

Tips to Choose Best Countertop Designs During Kitchen Renovations

In my previous blog, we discussed about the benefits of Concrete Countertops for custom kitchens Sydney and now we will discuss how you can choose an outstanding piece for your kitchen.

Trust me, Countertops are going to have a great impact on your kitchen’s look and feel and it is very important to choose the best design. Cost, weight, durability, upkeep and aesthetics are some deciding factors while choosing the one. You’ll also have to through the options of materials and the common of them available are laminate, granite, rock maple, stainless steel, engineered stone and limestone.


When undergoing kitchen renovations Campbelltown, the size of your kitchen matters a lot as you may not like to risk your joints for a huge Countertop. That is why it is imperative that we find the smartest possible designs. You need to decide on how many Countertops you want in your kitchen and their functionalities.

If you have a small kitchen, Galley Countertop will be an excellent idea and it took its name from galleys on ship and aircrafts. These are generally rectangular shaped, long and narrow, and increses the efficiency of your kitchen. If you love a traditional look, you can always go for marble, butcher block or granite.

I would suggest recycled glass Countertops for those who are artistic and want something unique and creative. These can be designed in a variety of ways depending on the size of your kitchen and for what you want to use them. The widest array of patterns and colors are available in the market, so there’s something for everyone.

L shaped countertops

If you’ve got a bold taste, you are free to do some mix and match of materials and it’ll look fantastic. You can go for L-shaped custom Countertop with a tint of colors like Blue tile on the floor, red washer/dryer and salmon colored cabinets.

Choosing an attractive and smart design maybe a bit difficult but if you do your research then you will be able to decide which Countertop is best for your kitchen.

If you still have problems choosing a unique style, kitchen renovators or designers will make things easier for you. They will help you get your dream kitchen but make sure that the final decision is all yours….

I will catch you with another topic very soon… keep enjoying!!

The Role and Advantages of Concrete Countertops in Custom Kitchens

When I was planning to redo my kitchen, I was so confused with all the countertop and material options. The one material that I found stylish, durable and customizable was – concrete. When I visited the store, the textures and colors were endless.

Concrete countertop for custom kitchens Sydney is the best choice if you want to make your place stylish without over-burdening your pocket. It’s one of the most durable and attractive materials and provide a solid foundation.


What I always wanted from my kitchen is something natural and personalized and at the same time I was looking for a high-quality and durable material. It took almost 1 month to decide on the material and design, but today I am more than happy.

For those who appreciate hand-crafted items and natural feel of the surface, nothing beats concrete countertops. You can enjoy an array of advantages like versatility, durability, smoothness, cleanliness, cost and endless styling options.

Whether you use your countertops to cut vegetables or hold your soap dish, you’ll need a maintenance free and durable material. Granite is strong enough and compatible with custom kitchens Sydney, but may not suit all pockets.

Edging for concrete is custom formed rather than cut like solid or granite surface. You have the choices like concave, pencil, beveled and reverse cove and rest depends upon your creativity. They accommodate almost all types of sinks and drop-in cook-tops.

From color choices to design, the possibilities are endless and a professional designer can help you choose the best colors and design. Some of the popular looks include vein look, terrazzo-styles design, semi-circle or a straight piece.


All of these advantages ill only hold true if you get your countertop installed by an experienced architect. An improper sealing and fitting will simply mean that stains will remain forever and some durability issues.

So when you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, take some time and combine your creativity with professional help. You’ll get a perfect and outstanding piece of art…..

We’ll discuss on how to make concrete countertops at home in next chapter…..